♦ Fiberglass
♦ Resin impregnated cellulose
♦ Wire mesh
♦ Synthetics

Aftermarket Hydraulic Filter Element

Sometimes hydraulic filter elements could become quite costly in maintenance, particularly when large quantity is demanded. In order to help our customers to reduce operation and maintenance costs, we are capable of offering quality aftermarket hydraulic filter elements based on the OEM part numbers. There are more than 200 brands such as HYDAC, DONALDSON, PARKER, PALL etc. and 6000 types of filter elements that we can help to find cheaper and equivalent quality products than the OEM filter elements.

Filter elements are manufactured under quality management surveillance and complied with the following ISO standards

ISO2941 - Verification of collapse/burst resistance

ISO2942 - Verification of fabrication integrity and determination of the bubble point

ISO2943 - Verification of material compatibility with fluids

ISO3723 - Method for end load test

ISO3724 - Verification of flow fatigue characteristics

ISO4572 - Verification of multi-pass method

ISO3968 - Evaluation of pressure drop versus flow characteristics

ISO16889 - Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance of a filter element