♦ Ground Water Treatment

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♦ Seawater Treatment

♦ Ballast Water Treatment

♦ Amine Filtration (UV System Pre-treatment) 

GFK Automatic Self-cleaning Filter 

High performance GFK series automatic self-cleaning filters are designed by LIVIC particularly for the ballast water filtration at a typical 25 micron or 40 micron rating. As a key to protect the disinfection system, GFK works efficiently to remove the suspended solids, sediment and plankton from the water. Our GFK automatic self-cleaning filters meet IMO and USCG approval performance testing requirements.

GFK automatic self-cleaning filters clean and regenerate the filter screen by applying the most efficient and stable suction nozzle back-flushing principle. The back-flushing function takes place without interrupting the water treatment processing. With LIVIC's innovative design, GFK self-cleaning filters have great capacities to work under numerous water treatment conditions without malfunction and maintenance. GFK series self-cleaning filters reach the international first-class level in the product design standard, running performance and quality.

Filtration Process

Raw water flows thru the screen from inside to outside. The impurities will  gradually buildup on the screen inner surface. This will  cause a continuous increase of differential pressure across the filter. The self-cleaning process begins when the differential pressure reaches a pre-set value.

Self-cleaning Process

Once the self-cleaning cycle is initiated, the discharging valve opens and a high velocity suction force is generated at the scanner nozzles tips. It hydraulically vacuums the inner surface. The nozzles are travelling in a helical path driven by a two-way reversing motorized transmission. It usually takes approximately 25 seconds to complete one cleaning cycle, during the process, the filtered water continues to flow through the filter.

Contact Suction Nozzle  

Suction nozzle cleans and regenerates the screen by the back-flushing working principle. The screen inner surface can be completed cleaned by the extreme high velocity reverse flow. 

The spring-loaded contact nozzles and suction scanners are connected to the dual-channel back-flushing tube which is travelling on a helical path. An auxiliary back-flushing pump is also connected to the tube in case when back-flushing valve opens and flow rate is unscientific to back-flush the screen. 

Corrosion Resistant Design

Rubber lined carbon steel and Rilsan coated carbon steel can meet the sea water filtration requirement. Customers with higher requirement can select the filter housing made of 2205 duplex stainless steel. 


  • Min. Working Pressure: 0.2MPa / 0.16MPa(with auxiliary back-flushing pump)

  • Design Temperature: 0 - 50°C 

  • Filtration Rating: 15-300µm

  • Housing Wet Part Material: Carbon Steel with Rubber Lining or Rilsan Coating / 316L / SS Duplex 2205

  • Inlet and Outlet Standard Flange: HG20592-2009 (DIN compatible), HG20615-2009 (ANSI B16.5 Compatible), AS2129 Table Flange

  • Housing Seal Material: NBR/VITION(FKM)

  • Internal Part Material: PTFE / POM / 316L

  • Filter Element: 316L / 904L sintered multi-layer HyperSEP filter screen 

  • Cleaning Differential Pressure: 0.05 Mpa

  • Differential Pressure Instrument: Differential pressure transmitter (DPT) highly sensitive and reliability & long-term stability, 0.1% F.S./Year. 

  • Installation Direction: Horizontal or Vertical

  • Gear Motor: 180 W, Three phase, 240V / 380V, Protection class IP 55, Worm reduction gear

  • Back-flush Valve: Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

  • Supply Facility Requirement: 380V AC, 0.4-0.6 Mpa clean and dry compressed air

  • Customized Design Option: Explosion Proof Design Involves Instruments and Control System


  • Applicable Industry: ballast water, sea water, brackish water, fresh water, water treatment systems​, raw water treatment, water treatment systems, circulating cooling systems, steel, pulp and paper, mining, petrochemical, metal working, municipal facilities and etc..

  • Applicable Fluids: seawater, groundwater, seawater, lake water, reservoir water, pond water, cooling water, chilled water, high and low pressure spray water, injection water, heat exchanging water, seal water, bearing cooling water, well water, circulating process water , machining coolant, cleaning agent, cleaning water.