FastRO Desalination System

♦ Rated Flowrate: 0.8 - 41.5 m³/h
♦ RO Membrane Spec: 4040 / 8040
♦ RO Membrane Quantity: 6 - 70 off
♦ Rated Power: 5 - 119 kW 
♦ Container Size: 10 / 20 / 40 ft

With 2nd pass RO or EDI system, fastRO is capable of producing portable water from 20 to 1000 ton (5-260 thousand gallons) per day for industrial or commercial use. There are two types of fastRO, all-in-1 skid mounted and containerized, which are designed for indoor and outdoor use respectively. FastRO desalination systems are designed and manufactured on the basis of the industrial standard: ASME, ASTM, IEC, etc. The plug & play design is simply intended to offer less site installation & civil works cost. It also suits some rural area due to skid and containerized design.

  • Reliable system by applying sound quality parts such as Danfoss pump, Dow membrane, Siemens, ABB, Schneider controls etc.

  • Simplified process, feed pump is used as backwash pump for media filter.

  • Simple and user-friendly control operation with a 10 inch PLC touch screen

  • System is designed with automatic back-washing system for media filter with filtered clean water and automatic fresh water flushing after shutting down.

  • Better protection for high pressure pump, energy recovery device and RO membrane by using 3 stages filtatiom and reliable switchers.

  • Low energy consumption, contributed by high-efficiency high pressure pump (super duplex pump based on axial piston principle), and high-efficiency energy recovery device (hereinafter ERD, duplex, based on isobaric pressure exchanger principle) from Danfoss.

  • High pressure hose and vibration damper offer low noise level and vibration.

  • Better corrosion resistance with Sch40 duplex (EN1.4462/UNS S32205) high pressure pipe and fittings, and multi layer paints.

  • Low fouling, high salt rejection, low pressure RO membrane from Toray or LG Nano.

  • Free solution recommendation for water intake.

  • Optional insulation kit for container.

Operation Limits

  • Fresh water salinity (TDS): 20,000-45,000 mg/L

  • Fresh water temperature: 5-40 °C

  • Fresh water turbidity: <1 NTU

  • Fresh water COD: <10 mg/L

  • Fresh water Ferrous (Fe2+): <0.1 mg/L

  • Fresh water Manganese (Mn2+): <0.1 mg/L

  • Product conductivity: <1,200 µS/cm


  • Island residents

  • Hotels, resorts

  • Construction sites

  • Power, chemical or other coastal plants

  • Offshore platforms

  • Emergent water supply, mobile water plants