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DFM Mechanical Self-Scraping Filter (Internal Rotary PTFE Blades)

DFM series internal automatic mechanical scraping filter is the high efficient self-cleaning filter independently developed by LIVIC.

DFM filter is designed and manufactured per LIVIC’s high performance and high reliability standard with world class quality. DFM filter is designed for fine filtration ranging from 100-3000 micron and is capable of filtrating in high viscosity fluids up to 800000 cps. Removing the impurities particles on the filter element inside by motor-driven mechanical scraper which can avoid extruding and breaking the impurities.

DFM's self-cleaning function keeps the filter element/screen clean. It is triggered by differential pressure or timing, whichever comes first. To reduce the liquid loss during purging, high impurity concentration waste liquid will be discharged. Instead of vibrating screen, bag filter, basket filter and other kinds of back-flushing filter, DFM filter works more effectively and efficiently in high viscous liquids such as dirty water, adhesives, resins, polymers and oil,


  • Applicable Liquid: Water and viscous liquids (<800000 cps)

  • Impurity content: <1000ppm

  • Filtration Rating: 100 - 3000µm

  • Standard Design Pressure: 1.0 Mpa / 1.6 Mpa  

  • Design Temperature: 0 - 200°C (determined by the seal material)

  • Filter Area: ​0.22m² - 0.71m²

  • Volume: 30L - 175L

  • Housing Wet Part Material: 304 / 316L / CS

  • Inlet and Outlet Standard Flange: HG20592-2009 (DIN compatible), HG20615-2009 (ANSI B16.5 Compatible), AS2129 Table Flange, BSP/NPT screwed connection

  • Filter Element: 304/316L Wedgewire slotted metal filter screen / POR series laser-cutting pore screen

  • Scraper Material: PTFE

  • Housing Seal Material: NBR/EPDM/VITON/Silastic/FEP encapsulated Silastic

  • Element Seal Material: NBR/EPDM/VITON/Silastic/FEP encapsulated Silastic

  • Cleaning Differential Pressure: 0.05 Mpa - 0.1Mpa

  • Differential Pressure Instrument: Differential pressure transmitter (DPT) / Differential pressure switch (DPS)

  • Gear Motor: 180 W, Three phase, 240V / 380V, Protection class IP 55, Worm reduction gear

  • Discharging Valve: Pneumatic ball valve, protection class IP65

  • Supply Facility Requirement: 380V AC, 0.4-0.6 Mpa clean and dry compressed air


  • Applicable Industry: Water treatment, pulp and paper, petro-chemical, bio-pharmaceutical, coatings, inks, oil refinery, food and beverage

  • Applicable Fluids: Wax, coal oil, monomer, water, citric acid, fermentation broth, protein, soap, wet end additive, coating, ink, adhesive, rubber, ethanol, chocolate, confectionary, juice, coolant, etc.