Filtration Solutions

Self-Cleaning Filters

Self-cleaning filters provide excellent pre-filtration performance down to 50µm. The systems are capable of continuously working 24/7 to reduce maintenance and labour costs.

• AF Bernoulli Back-Flushing Filter
• VS Hydro-Cyclone Separator
• DFX Mechanical Self-Scraping Filter (External Rotary SS Blades)
• DFA Mechanical Self-Scraping Filter (Internal PTFE Plunger)
• DFM Mechanical Self-Scraping Filter (Internal Rotary PTFE Blades)
• MF Modular Tubular Filter
• XF Multi-Tubular Back-Flushing Filter
• GFK Suction Nozzle Self-Cleaning Filter

Manual Cleaning Filters

Manual cleaning filtration solutions are mainly designed for polishing purposes or for the application which precise and high-efficiency filtration is required and the particles cannot be effectively removed by self-cleaning filters.

• Single Bag Filter Housing
• Multi-bag Filter Housing
• Food-grade Bag Filter Housing
• Duplex Bag Filter System
• Single Cartridge Filter Housing
• Multi-Cartridge Filter Housing
• Sanitary Cartridge Filter Housing
• Duplex Cartridge Filter System
• Basket Filter / Strainer
• Custom-Built Bag / Cartridge / Basket Filter System