♦ PP / PE / Nylon / PP Absolute / Oil Absorption 

♦ Size P1 / P2 / P4

♦ Surface & Depth Filtration

Filter Bag

Bag filtration has advantages of economical filter media consumption, low pressure drop and convenient operation. In precision filtration, filter bag is the key element of BF bag filtration system. It determines filtration performance and final product quality. LIVIC selects the global premium filter media which ensures the high efficient filtration performance and consistent product quality.

Depth Filtration

Filter layer consists of crossing fine fibers followed by engineered pattern. Small solid particles and soft impurities would be trapped in the fine fibers. It featured with high dirt holding capacity and disposable filtration media. It applies to liquid filtration of normal and low viscosity condition at high micron ratings.

Mesh Surface Filtration

Filter layer consists of smooth rigid mesh weaved by mono-filament. It is good to trap regular shape solid particles. The filter cake on the mesh surface is easy to remove. Therefore, mesh filter media can be reused for several times after cleaning.

P1 filter bag: Ø178mm X 419mm LG, 0.25m² area

P2 filter bag: Ø178mm X 813mm LG, 0.5m² area

P4 filter bag: Ø102mm X 355mm LG, 0.1m² area

EcoSEP Bag

  • High flowrate & dirt holding capacity

  • Economic and conventional bag

  • 1µm - 200µm 

AccuSEP Bag

  • Absolute filtration 

  • FDA grade PP 

  • Compacted melt-blown PP layer, membrane layer and external protection layer

  • High flowrate and high dirt holding capacity


  • Doubled filtration area with double layers  

  • Bag fits in special designed supporting basket

OilSEP Bag

  • Absorb oil from liquids

  • PP fiber layer with internal and external protection layers.

  • Absorb 23 times heavier than its own weight