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XF Automatic Back-flushing Filter

XF Series Automatic Back-flushing Filter is a new generation self-cleaning filtration system independently designed by LIVIC, it is integrated with a number of slotted filter elements. When the filter elements are clogged, a specially designed back-flushing arm will clean the elements one by one. As the high-end self-cleaning filter, it is especially designed for customers who take good quality and high eliability into consideration firstly .The XF filter consists of world-class top quality crucial parts, such as filter element, gear motor, control system, etc..

Compared with ordinary mesh type self-cleaning filter, XF Series Automatic Back-flushing Filter has unparallel advantages. It has rigid and durable V-SLOT filter element, highly uniform slot width, large filter area in single filter, super high flowrate up to 3000m3/h in single filter, fine filtration at low surface flow velocity, high reliability. It applies to the filtration of dirty water containing oil sludge type impurities, soft and viscous impurities, high content impurities, small amount of hairs and fibers.

XF Series Automatic Back-flushing Filter, which filtration rating ranges from 50-2000 micron and its line size is available from 2’’ to 24’’.XF Filter has 3 sub-series: S series, as the large filter area filter, applies to high flowrate filtration or high precision filtration; M series, as the small filter area filter, applies to low flowrate filtration or rough grade filtration; T series are specially designed for super high flowrate at rough ratings. See the figure on page 3 to select the right series.

XF Series Automatic Back-flushing Filter can remove the solid particles from various water resource and low viscosity liquid (e.g. machining coolant ). It makes the fluid meet cleanness requirement and protects downstream key equipments from clogging, abasing and fouling. It increases the key equipment running efficiency and service life. XF Filter automatically works continuously on-line and reduces the downtime cost, maintenance cost and labor cost. XF Series Automatic Back-flushing Filter is the advanced solution for the self-cleaning filtration of water and low viscous liquids.

ACS Self-cleaning Control System

XF Filter's ACS self-cleaning control system integrates the parallel control with both pressure drop and time-set cleaning. Customers can control the filter to run efficiently according to the service condition. DCS remote control access is available if cumstom-made design required. Pressure drop cleaning mode applies to most conditions and it is the most efficient cleaning triggering mode, because the pressure drop reflects the filter cake accumulation or the clogging of filter elements. When the pressure drop reaches the set value, the self-cleaning action begins. Generally we suggest 0.05MPa as the cleaning pressure drop value. And it can be adjusted between 0.01 and 0.1MPa according to the specific condition.The time-set cleaning mode can be adjusted from 0 to 24 hours. If the pressure drop cleaning mode malfunctions, the time-set mode still works, which acts as the final safety protection. The cleaning cycle should be set close to the average period as under the pressure drop cleaning mode.

V-SLOT High Performance Precision Filter Element

XF filter adopts V-SLOT precision filter element of the world-class top quality with following advantages:
■ Filtration rating ranges from 50 to 2000 microns, highly uniform filtration slots with deviation less than 5 micron
■ High opening rate, higher flow rate in same filter area, higher dirt holding capacity, more compact structure
■ 316L material, excellent corrosion resistance. SuperDuplex and Ti2 are available, especially suitable for sea water
■ Smooth inner surface, V-shaped slot, less clogging chance, excellent back-flushing performance, steady flowrate.
■ Suitable for filtration of inferior liquids containing knotty impurities such as oli sludge, gel and microfiber.
■ Strenthened structure, no deformation when pressure drop increasing, stable particle bridging, higher removing effciency
■ High resistance against the forward and reverse pressure, extremely long service life more than 10 years

ACS has two types pressure drop instruments. Pressure drop transmitter can output the real-time pressure drop, has high sensitivity and reliability and is good for DCS remote monitoring; The pressure drop switch specially designed by LIVIC, has high sensitivity and long-term reliability. It has two pressure drop set-points. The setting precision is ±5 Kpa. One setting point is for cleaning pressure drop value setting (ex. 0.05Mpa) and the other one is for the alarm when pressure drop higher than normal, which can be connected with DCS control system.

Back-flushing Working Principle

[ Filtering ] Liquid flows into the filter via the inlet, part of liquid flows directly through filter elements from the lower ends; another part of liquid flows through the distribution pipe and into the upper part of the filter and then flows into the filter elements from the upper and lower ends at the same time,and then flows through the internal surface of filter element and goes out from the outlet. Impurities are intercepted by the elements and the filter cake slowly accumulates, which leads to gradually pressure drop increasing between the inlet and outlet. It indicates that the filter cake reaches certain thickness,and the flux of filter element becomes lower.

[ Back-flushing ] When the preset pressure drop or time exceeds, the self-cleaning program is triggered. The gear motor drives the cleaning arm to aim at one element to partly cap the upper end of the element and connect its lower end to the cleaning nozzle. And then the cleaning valve opens and connect the element and discharging pipe. the differential pressure between the element’s outside and discharging nozzle will make the filtrate back-flush the filter element, filter cake dislodged and be purged downward into the sewage pipe. After one element cleaned, the cleaning valve closes and the cleaning arm aims at the next one. When all filter elements cleaned, the entire back-flushing sequences are completed.

[ Positioning ] Positioning disc and cleaning arm are installed on the shaft driven by the gear motor. Each positioning hole on the disc matches each element and cleaning arm are corresponding to one hole. When one hole reaches the channel of positioning sensor, the sensor output the signal to stop the gear motor. The cleaning arm has aimed at one element at the same time. The cleaning valve opens for several seconds till the element is cleaned. Then the gear motor continues rotating. When the next hole on disc reaches the sensor channel, the gear motor will stop and the next element is cleaned.



Applicable LiquidWater and liquid of low viscosity(<40cps), contaminant<300ppm

Lowest Working DPDifferential pressure between the outlet and discharging outlet >0.15MPa

Design Pressure Class0.6MPa/1.0MPa/1.6MPa/2.0MPa

Design Temperature0-95°C

Flowrate Range17—8000m³/h

Filter Area4970cm²-89530cm²

Self-cleaning DP0.05MPa—0.07MPa

Control Systemparallel control of differential pressure and time

DP InstrumentDifferential pressure transmitter, differential pressure switch

Gear Motor120W, three phase, 380V, protection class IP55, CCWU

Inlet and outlet size2"—24"

Connection Standardflange,HG20592-2009(Standard Design), HG20615-2009(ANSI B16.5 compatible)

Filter ElementV-SLOT series slotted screen, material 316L/SuperDuplex/Ti2

Wet Part Material304/316L/CS, special material available (such as 904L,duplex S.S.)

Inner LiningEpoxy, PA11 for CS Housing or special anti-corrosion requirement

Housing Sealing MaterialNBR(Standard/VITON(FKM)

Discharging ValvePneumatic stainless steel valve or butterfly valve, protection class IP65

Facility SupplyCompressed air: clean and dry, 0.4-0.6MPa, 380V AC, 24V DC


Applicable industries: Water treatment, steel, pulp and paper, mining, petro-chemical, machining, municipal, irrigation etc.

Typical applicable liquids: Groundwater, seawater, lake, reservoir water, pond water, cooling water circulation, frozen water, high and low voltage gush to drench water, squirt water, heat water, seal water, bearing cooling water, oil wells note water, process of circulating water, machining coolant, cleaning agents, cleaning water, etc.

Main Parts

1 Inlet  2 Outlet  3 Cleaning Arm 4 Gear Motor 5 positioner 6 Filter Element 7 Cover Plate 8 Distribution Pipe
9 Cleaning Nozzle 10 Discharging Nozzle 11 Discharging Pipe 12 Cleaning Valve  13 Unfiltered Liquid  14 Filtrate  15 Actuator  16 Vent  17 Support Leg