Conventional Filtration Solution

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Basket Strainer

Robust, Prefilter, Coarse Filtration

With sintered mesh screen, basket strainer can be designed to protect downstream equipment. And the basket is usually washable. High pressure units are available.

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Cartridge Filter

Precise, Depth, Absolute Filtration

Cartridge filter is capable of carrying single and multiple cartridges with various length to offer fine depth filtration in oil, water, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and etc. Code designed pressure vessel is also available.

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Bag Filter

Conventional, Economical, Reliable

With certain micron rating filter bags inserted in the filter housing, bag filter is capable of providing guaranteed filtration results. Code designed pressure vessel is also available.


Filter Consumables

Bag, Cartridge, Metal Screen

  • PP, PE, Nylon Filter Bag

  • Melt-blown, Pleated Filter Cartridge

  • Stainless Mesh Screen Element

  • Aftermarket Hydraulic Filter Elements

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