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iDesalt Watermaker RO System

♦ Rated Flowrate: 60 - 1100 LPH
♦ RO Membrane Spec: 2540 / 4040
♦ RO Membrane Quantity: 1 - 8 off
♦ Rated Power: 1.4 - 8.4 kW

Small desalination RO systems produce 60 to 1000 litres (16-265 gallon) per hour high quality potable water from sea water or high salinity brackish water. iDesalt watermaker are designed and manufactured on the basis of the industrial standard: ASME, ASTM, IEC, etc. 

Seawater is taken by intake pump and pumped directly to the watermaker or to a feed tank, boosted by a feed pump then sent to the watermaker. Depending on feed turbidity and operating time, seawater may be pumped to an optional sand filter or to a two pass safety filter. Then seawater will be pressurized by a high pressure pump and pumped to RO membrane. Thus fresh water is obtained and the concentrated water is discharged.

Feed tank is used as buffer tank, and could be used for sediment of the sand and silt in feed water.

Sand filter, pre-filter and main filter is used to remove the suspended solid in the feed water and carbon filter could absorb the organic particles in the water. So they protect the high pressure pump and RO membrane and ensure long service life.

UV sterilizer could kill the bacteria in the product water.

  • Non-corrosive, non-welding duplex pipe and fittings, long life and highly corrosion resistant. SS304 frame with baking varnish paint avoid the corrosion from salt fog and leaking.

  • Water-proof design, the protection level of control cabinet is IP55.

  • “Plug and play”, modular design to simplify the machine.

  • Remoter control to start/stop the machine.

  • Light weight design,unit could be carried by 2 people.

  • Super duplex high pressure pump based on axial piston principle from Danfoss, higher efficiency, lighter, more compact than common plunger pump, and having a service life up to 3 years.

  • High pressure hose lower the vibration and noise level, simplify the pipe connection.

  • High salt rejection RO membrane from Dow or Toray.

  • Optional SF kit (manual sand filter), used for feed water with high turbidity.

  • Optional CF kit (carbon filter), used for removing the possible hazardous organic compound in the product water (fresh water).

  • Optional UV kit (Ultraviolet sterilizer), used for ensuring the safety of the product water. 

  • Optional chemical cleaning unit (CCU), used for maintaining and cleaning the membrane.

Operation Limits

  • Fresh water salinity (TDS): 20,000-45,000 mg/L

  • Fresh water temperature: 5-40 °C

  • Fresh water turbidity: <1 NTU

  • Fresh water COD: <10 mg/L

  • Fresh water Ferrous (Fe2+): <0.1 mg/L

  • Fresh water Manganese (Mn2+): <0.1 mg/L

  • Product conductivity: <1,200 µS/cm


  • Yachts, fishing boats

  • Freighter, Commercial vessels, public service vessels, patrolling boats

  • Lighthouse

  • Inns, hotels, resorts near the coast

  • Residential place in islands or remote coast area.